Vision Of Our School :

„Let’s aim at  making „Dębinka” a place where everyone is
a co-host, a partner and an enthusiast”.

We care that each of us:

  • Becomes aware of his own individuality and discovers his talents
  • Requires from himself even if others do not
  • Is hardworking and diligent at realizing tasks entrusted to him.

Our desire is that each of us:

  • Were sensitive to other people – showing friendship and respect, rejoicing at others’ successes and smiling rather laughing at them
  • Lived in harmony with the rest of the world
  • Competed only with himself, which means self motivation as he compares his results with the ones achieved by him earlier
  • Respected the environment realizing that the world may not end with us
  • Treated personal health as of  great value

We want each of us:

  • To be an honest and good Pole
  • To respect Polish and school traditions
  • To be sensitive to beauty and caring for esthetics
  • To behave in a way that is safe for oneself and others as well


„Versatile developent is what we value the most”

Our partners