Our traditions

Classroom interior decoration

It’s hard to talk about it – one should just see it. Under the professional supervision of our art teacher the school can suddenly….blossom, be covered in frost or be metamorphosed into  the bottom of an ocean. We are proud that our class decorations are remembered for years.

Supervision of the youngest pupils

Children from the pre-school class “0” play and work overseen by their older schoolmates. The system in which older students help the very young ones has been working out very well for many years.

Christmas Eve

In Poland Christmas Eve is traditionally the most celebrated part of Christmas.  At our school we honour this by organising an event integrating the whole community of “Debinka” : students, parents and teachers. Pupils from class 3 prepare a nativity play, everybody sings Christmas carols, we share the traditional Christmas dishes and wish each other Merry Christmas.

Inauguration into Debinka Society

This is the welcome ceremony to Debinka School during which pupils from class 1 vow to try their best to represent the school as full members of our community

The first day of spring

Every year in a different way the arrival of spring is celebrated by some activities prepared in classes by students: they dress up, prepare scenes, showing creativity and imagination

School picnic

Every June the whole community of Debinka, past and present, gathers again, this time out in the open air. Parents and children prepare stalls full of delicious dishes and snacks. There is music, competitions and a real fashion show is held, where all garments are made of…paper. This way the school collects some extra funds.

School magazine

There are many special interest groups at school but the group of journalists has
been specially active in preparing issues  of “Debowe Ucho” in a
very professional way. The magazine documents every school event, giving
students a chance to express themselves as reporters, sometimes as poets, where 
they can exchange their views and share interests.

The graduation

It’s always a mixture of joy and sadness when we say good bye to yet another class graduating from our school. The formal ceremony changes into a less formal one when we remember the years spent together and express our hopes for their future


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