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Educational Projects in Debinka

Within the framework of a project Sharing European Memories at School ,  our  School  is carrying out a programme “Memory – identity – materialism  as part of a priority educational project  called Generational Memory  (Pamiec Przodkow) planned for 2011/2012 school year

The pupils of the Lowe Secondary School  participate  in a series of workshops devoted to oral history and how to document it. Students  prepare their own  interviews with eyewitnesses of some special events that took place in either Poznan, in the region of Wielkopolska or generally in Poland during the 20th century.   What interests us most is  finding changes that happened in the daily lives of people living in the area – their socio-economic, social and political situation, threats to their lives, as well what brought them happiness or sadness. We also want to investigate how different the area around our school is, or the district we live in. During our research we might touch the problems of minorities living in our region, their coexistence and even the extermination that affected them during the Second World War.  We refer of course to the events surrounding the lives of Poznan Jews and Germans.
By doing this project we hope to make young people interested in local history and show the connection between family stories  and events known to them from the pages of their textbooks.
Our findings are going to be  archived in the school “memory bank” which will hopefully be read in years to come.

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“Debinka’s” involvement in Comenius Project

The Comenius School Partnership programme  titled „If Life is Energy, our Future is hidden in Saving” has been carried out at our school  since September 2010.  
During this time  we have organised a lot of activities such as : workshops dedicated to the subject of saving energy, art competition, an audit checking the energy consumption and a campaign educating about the ways of saving energy.
Some of our students and teachers have participated in partnership visits to Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey. The programme is financed by the European Fund to Improve Educational System.
Between 10 - 15 October our School was the host to the 4th partnership visit. We were visited by 17 heads and teachers from Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Italy. The visit was a great success. For more information about our involvement in this project and full information about the partnership visits please go to

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